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Name Nikky
Age 15
Sexual Prefence straight
Location oob maine

Brief Bio:
Tell us a bit about yourself.
well my nickname is actually happy bunny. I've been wiht my boyfriend for over a year now and when we first started going out his pshyco ex girlfriend gave me lots of shit so I was always pissed off and stuff like that so he would always say cheer up my little happybunny. and it would always make me smile. after that on christmas he gave me a whole bunch of happy bunny things. slippers, the actual talking bunny, a pen, stickers, and over time I also got jammies, an umbrella, a HUGE happy bunny and more stickers and a poster and just everything. I have offically fallen in love with happy bunny.

umm..I don't know what to say about myself. I'm usually easy going and love hanging out. But when I get to be a bitch you know it. I don't have much patience or tolerance for people I don't like.

Bush sucks
Kerry kick ass
Vicki(the MOD and maintainer) I don't know you yet
MODS .....
War depends
Abortion depends
Happy Bunny I EFFING LOVER YOUS!!!!!
Labels for food
Racism you must be gay...
Gay Marriage all for

Why should you be accepted? because Ilove happy bunny more then anything.
What will you do for the community? I don't kno
Do you want to have the chance of being a MOD? sure

1-2 of your clothing
2-3 of your face*
1 of your favorite happy bunny*
1 random picture

I don't really have any pictures on my latop right now.'s new

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