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Name LJK
Age 24 in April
Sexual Prefence Bisexual
Location New Brunswick, Canada

Brief Bio:
Tell us a bit about yourself. Mittsie. 23. Crafter/Artist. ♥ 's happy bunny, stitch (lilo & stitch), cartoons, web design, graphic design, natural healing/naturopathy, new-age, penpalling, creativity, opinions, etc etc.

Bush he's an inbred hick that wouldn't know his head from his ass even if you labelled it. (translation: I HATE HIM. lol.)
Kerry No opinion ... don't really know him, but he'd probably be better than Bush.
Vicki(the MOD and maintainer) Don't really know her, but I'm gonna say she rox my sox.
MODS Mods? Every community needs mods to maintain control.
War Against.
Abortion It's the mother's choice ... I'm not pro or con.
Happy Bunny LOVE it. funny & just like me ;)
Labels Hate 'em. Don't like being labelled or labelling.
Racism Hate it. Everyone is the same inside.
Gay Marriage All for it - love is love, shouldn't define it by saying love is only between a man and a woman.

Why should you be accepted? 'Cause I'm cool and I rock. ::lol::
What will you do for the community? Anything.
Do you want to have the chance of being a MOD? Sure, why not.

1-2 of your clothing Don't have any!! lol.
2-3 of your face* Me and My Kitty Kitty | WARNING! This is me all swollen after Widsom Tooth Surgery (Sept 2004)
1 of your favorite happy bunny*

1 random picture

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